You're So Talented! πŸ† [Win Exciting Prizes]

Welcome Fellow Community Members to our February Contest, your one-stop place for you to win exciting prizes. :tada:

As we welcome the New Year, we want to give our lovely community members a fun and enjoyable way to win some bitcoin. Check out the contest below:

:medal_sports: You’re So Talented

Task: Create a video showcasing your talent and upload it online

Introduction: Take a look at this video

Important Guidelines:

  1. Record a short video of you doing any talent you want to showcase. It could be a celebrity imitation, juggling, singing, dancing, standing on your head, or anything you want.
  2. Do mention Blockonomics in the video, could be a short intro in the beginning, saying, β€œHey Blockonomics Community, this is my talent”
  3. Upload the video online and share the link in the comments section below.
  4. You can upload the video anywhere online [YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Vimeo, Google Drive, etc.] as long as we are able to view it. (If you don’t want it to be public, please upload the video as unlisted on YouTube and other video platforms)

The most creative and entertaining talent(s) win!

Deadline: 24th February 2023, 11.59 PM EST.

2 winners,
Prize 1: $100
Prize 2: $80

Contest Guidelines:

  • All contests must be played within the community thread.
  • Do not copy answers from the internet.
  • Do not share any personal information in the community thread.
  • Only one entry per user.
  • Take into consideration the contest deadline.
  • Please mention your bitcoin address in your post

February Contest is over and @user111 is the winner

Link: Winter forest (hiku) - YouTube

Wallet: 3AHaBEkwQbgXaaPY1SVYTgBPcaPQC1sVkW

Congratulations, you just won the February Contest!!

$100 worth of bitcoin has been transferred to your bitcoin address.

Hooray! I won! I never thought I’d win. Thanks a lot!


thats my btc address senf it there plss