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:mage:t4: Your Quest Begins!

You live on the mystical planet of Alarian where magic and cryptocurrency reign. You are trying to expand your business but to do so you must go on an adventure. Know that it will not be easy, you have 3 challenges ahead and tough decisions to make.

Task: Answer the 3 challenges below along with your reasoning behind it

Challenge 1:

You stumble upon a barrier with 3 doors, each colored Blue, Green, and Red. Suddenly you hear a voice saying, “Make Your Choice, know that 1 door has 1 BTC, and the other 2 have 0.1 BTC. Whichever you choose you shall get.

You choose Green and realize it had 0.1 BTC. You hear the voice again, “Do you want to switch or stay with your choice?

What do you do? [1] _____________

Challenge 2:

As you continue further, you are captured by a hoard of evil sorcerers, they take you to their lair and you are now face-to-face with their leader. The leader says, “You must give me a statement. If it is true, you will give all your BTC to my apprentice. If it is false, you will give all your BTC to my most experienced sorcerer. If I can’t figure it out, You can keep your BTC.

What statement do you make? [2] _____________

Challenge 3:

Finally, you walk to an enchanted forest, a tiny moth appears in front of your face, and says, "Welcome Explorer, you have come far and beyond, this forest will lead you to your destiny, but before you venture forth, you have to make a choice,

You right now only accept bitcoin which is a decentralized and secure currency, I can give you the option to also accept altcoins, so you can access a bigger market but know that it is centralized, not secure, and more expensive to use. What do you choose?"

What do you choose? [3] _____________

Important Guidelines:

  1. Provide your reasoning for all the 3 questions mentioned in the contest.
  2. For some question(s), there is no right or wrong answer, but about your reasoning behind it.
  3. Submit your answers in the comment section below.

The most creative, logical, and well reasoned answer(s) win!

Deadline: 30th June 2023, 11.59 PM EST.

2 winners,
Prize 1: $100
Prize 2: $80

Contest Guidelines:

  • All contests must be played within the community thread.
  • Do not copy or refer to answers from the internet.
  • Do not share any personal information in the community thread.
  • Only one entry per user.
  • Take into consideration the contest deadline.
  • Please mention your bitcoin address in your post

Thank you everyone for playing our June Contest. We hope you enjoyed solving these challenges while navigating your way in this magical realm.

Contest Winners :trophy:
First Prize: @finroot
Second Prize: @GamalSaid

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Challenge 1:

I would choose to switch my choice from the Green door to the Blue door.

Initially, when I chose the Green door, I had a 1/3 chance of selecting the door with 1 BTC and a 2/3 chance of selecting a door with 0.1 BTC. Now that I know the Green door has 0.1 BTC, there are two possibilities for the remaining doors: the Blue door I did not choose initially, and the Red door that I haven’t seen yet.

By switching my choice to the Blue door, I increase my chances of getting the door with 1 BTC. Since there were initially two doors with 0.1 BTC, the probability that the unopened door (in this case, the Red door) contains 1 BTC is higher. Therefore, it is more advantageous to switch my choice.

It’s important to note that this situation is a variation of the Monty Hall problem, a famous probability puzzle. The key insight is that switching doors improves the chances of winning the higher prize.

Challenge 2:

to protect my BTC and avoid giving it to either the leader’s apprentice or the most experienced sorcerer, I would make the following statement:

“I will give all my BTC to your most experienced sorcerer.”

The statement I make is a paradoxical statement that cannot be definitively categorized as true or false. If the leader determines the statement to be true, then I would be obligated to give all my BTC to the leader’s apprentice, which contradicts the statement itself. On the other hand, if the leader deems the statement false, then I would be required to give all my BTC to the most experienced sorcerer, which also contradicts the statement.

Therefore, the leader cannot determine the truth value of the statement, and as per the conditions of the challenge, I would be able to keep my BTC.

Challenge 3:

I would choose to stick with accepting only Bitcoin, the decentralized and secure currency.

While expanding my business and accessing a larger market might seem appealing, it’s important to consider the potential drawbacks of altcoins. The moth specifically mentions that altcoins are centralized, not secure, and more expensive to use.

Decentralization and security are essential aspects of cryptocurrencies, as they provide trust and immutability to financial transactions. Bitcoin, being the pioneering cryptocurrency and widely recognized, has established a robust network and a proven track record in terms of security.

On the other hand, altcoins are often created by individual entities or organizations, which can lead to centralization and potential vulnerabilities. Additionally, if altcoins are not as secure, they may be more prone to hacking or other security breaches, which could pose a significant risk to my business and customers.

Furthermore, the mention of altcoins being more expensive to use suggests that transaction fees or other costs associated with accepting altcoins might be higher compared to Bitcoin. This could potentially eat into profits or create additional financial burdens for my business.

Considering these factors, it is more prudent to prioritize the decentralized nature and security of Bitcoin rather than compromising those principles for the sake of accessing a larger market through altcoins.

Bitcoin wallet address: 13Q46oTxoEv3kVrWvNVF9VMTeZtT875h3R

Challenge 1: Switch to red.
Reasoning: If green, which is usually an affirmative/positive color, had the smallest amount, probably the colors are a trap with inverse psychology, with blue holding 0.1 too, and red which usually implies failure or rejection, is having the 1 BTC.

Challenge 2: One evil sorcerer in your hoard is a traitor.
Reasoning: It would be difficult for the leader to know for sure if that is false or not.

Challenge 3: I’m also choosing altcoin.
Reasoning: Some people only use altcoins, if I neglect this I will lose potential clients, even if fees are higher. I can then convert the altcoins to BTC.

Good luck to everyone!


The setting I’m going to use is that of an adventurer would have played lots of mystical games and also that of a trader.

So for challenge 1: 3 doors. 1 has 1btc, two have 0.1btc. I’ve found 0.1btc. The question is a little bit tricky, as it wasn’t specified it two doors had 0.1btc each so the chances of one door being empty is 50%. And also because I’m not familiar with the area there’s a chance the empty one is booby trapped and I may end up getting bounced back with nothing.
So, I would proceed my 0.1btc to challenge 2

Challenge 2: The fact I reached challenge 2 means I survived.
Challenge 2 is a little tricky. I’m captured and being dragged to their boss’s lair and I meet the boss. The boss asks me to make a statement and if it’s true, my BTC is given to his apprentice, if not it’s given to his most experienced sorcerer.

The statement I would simply make is there is 1BTC left behind.

Technically I’m correct.
Following my adventurous story line, being a boss of wizards, he can probably enter into any trap and come out unscathed. And there’s a chance if he’s happy that it’s the truth, I may be rewarded with half of 1btc, so I’ve gotten 0.5btc without being injured.
I could have chosen to give a false information and gotten my BTC given to the experienced sorcerer. But mummy always says do not listen to strangers, or believe strangers or lie to strangers. So why should I believe their words or lie? And also it specified experienced sorcerer, not experienced trader or investor, so what would I gain if I leave my BTC with him.

Now for challenge 3: Making it to challenge 3 means I’m alive and following my plot, I’m probably with 0.6BTC by now because the wizard boss wasn’t pissed that I lied and rewarded me. That was the hidden quest in this adventure, so the moth welcoming me means I made it to the last quest.

I would choose Bitcoin.

Reaching this point, there’s no need to think like an investor or trader. I’m adventuring solo, and there’s no one to revive me if my xp reaches zero.
I chose Bitcoin because it’s the first payment method they said, and if you are in Rome do like the Romans. I don’t know if the actually offer altcoins, and making a mistake it may lead to a redo.
And back to business, people say BTC is hardly accepted as a means of payment in most places, but who determines payment method? If a business says BTC is his available payment method, the customers should be willing to adapt as the business chose a method best, fast and secure for it’s customers. And so blockonomics checkout would make sure the funds are verified.


Challenge 1:
I’d switch, since balance of probability - I choose Blue.

Challenge 2:
If you want my BTC, you have to give 2 BTC to your apprentice,
otherwise give 2 BTC to your most experienced Sorcerer.
If neither options suffice your decision making - you have to give the BTC to me or repeat the loop.

Challenge 3:
I choose to only accept BTC, given the previous facts.

Kind regards,
BTC address:

Challenge 1:

In this challenge, I initially chose the Green door, which revealed 0.1 BTC. Now I have the option to switch or stay with my choice. To make an informed decision, I need to consider the probability of the remaining doors containing 1 BTC or 0.1 BTC.

Since the voice mentioned that only one door has 1 BTC, and I’ve already seen that the Green door has 0.1 BTC, there are two possibilities: either the Blue or the Red door has 1 BTC, while the other has 0.1 BTC.

Switching my choice to the other unopened door will increase my chances of obtaining 1 BTC. Therefore, I should switch my choice. By doing so, I increase my probability of selecting the door with 1 BTC from 1/3 to 2/3.

Thus, I choose to switch my choice and select the other unopened door.

Challenge 2:

To tackle this challenge, I need to come up with a statement that the leader of the evil sorcerers cannot easily determine as true or false. This way, I can increase my chances of keeping my BTC.

One possible statement I can make is: “You, the leader of the evil sorcerers, will give all my BTC to your apprentice.”

If the statement is true, the leader would have to give my BTC to the apprentice, as stated. If the statement is false, the leader would have to give my BTC to their most experienced sorcerer. However, the statement creates a paradox for the leader because if they decide to keep the BTC themselves, they cannot determine whether the statement is true or false.

Hence, I make the statement: “You, the leader of the evil sorcerers, will give all my BTC to your apprentice.”

Challenge 3:

In this final challenge, I am given the option to accept altcoins in addition to Bitcoin. However, I’m informed that altcoins are centralized, not secure, and more expensive to use.

Considering the information provided, it’s important to prioritize the security and decentralization of transactions. Bitcoin is known for its decentralized nature and security features, which have been established and tested over time.

While accepting altcoins may grant access to a larger market, the drawbacks of centralization, lack of security, and increased expenses outweigh the potential benefits. Therefore, I choose to stick with Bitcoin as the sole accepted currency for my business, as it aligns with my priority of decentralized and secure transactions.

BTC wallet: 1NtKKmhV4eAsFnrsHkXZYihm3x9GqCTUDH

Challenge 1:

In this scenario, I initially chose the Green door and obtained 0.1 BTC. Now, I am given the opportunity to switch or stay with my choice. To make the best decision, I should consider the probability of winning 1 BTC with either option.

Since the voice mentioned that one door has 1 BTC and the other two have 0.1 BTC each, and I have already revealed that the Green door has 0.1 BTC, there are two possibilities:

I initially chose the door with 1 BTC, and switching would result in me losing the larger prize.
I initially chose one of the doors with 0.1 BTC, and switching would lead me to the door with 1 BTC.

Since the voice gives no indication of providing any hints or strategy, and the initial odds were 1:3 for winning 1 BTC, it is rational to assume that the probabilities remain the same. Therefore, it is advantageous to switch doors. I would choose to switch from the Green door to either the Blue or Red door.

Challenge 2:

In this challenge, I need to provide a statement that will determine whether my BTC goes to the leader’s apprentice or their most experienced sorcerer.

To maximize my chances of keeping my BTC, I can make the following statement: “You, the leader, will give all my BTC to your most experienced sorcerer.”

If the statement is true, then according to the leader’s conditions, they should give all my BTC to their apprentice, but they can’t because that would make the statement false. If the statement is false, then the leader would have to give all my BTC to their most experienced sorcerer, but they can’t because that would make the statement true. Thus, the leader cannot figure out what to do, and I can keep my BTC.

Challenge 3:

Given the option presented by the tiny moth in the enchanted forest, I have to choose between continuing to accept only bitcoin or expanding to accept altcoins, which are centralized, less secure, and more expensive to use.

When making this decision, it is crucial to consider the potential benefits and drawbacks. By accepting altcoins, I would gain access to a larger market, which could potentially lead to increased business opportunities and revenue. However, the downsides include centralization, reduced security, and higher transaction costs.

Considering that I am currently operating in a mystical world where magic and cryptocurrency reign, it is reasonable to assume that security and decentralization are highly valued. Moreover, the emphasis on the decentralized and secure nature of bitcoin aligns with the prevailing mindset in the world of Alarian.

Therefore, in order to maintain the principles of decentralization and security, I would choose to continue accepting only bitcoin and not expand to accept altcoins.

Bitcoin wallet address: 1KvuHo6fQmt68xTpziFoXU3gVfyBzK8edD

Challenge 1: I’ll change the door. I have nothing to lose. I will either get the same amount in bitcoins that I have. Either I have an opportunity to get a larger amount.

Challenge 2: I am the most honest person in the world. I always tell the truth. Always. Except once - the previous statement that I always tell the truth is a lie.

Since I always tell the truth, the statement that I lied is true. At the same time, the statement that I lied cannot be true. Because I am the most honest person in the world and I never lie. Never.

Challenge 3: I will choose bitcoin. Because first of all I think about my customers and then about myself. I may not make more money, but my customers will pay less for transactions and they will be better protected. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Wallet: 3AHaBEkwQbgXaaPY1SVYTgBPcaPQC1sVkW

Challenge 1:
I will choose to switch doors. Why? By switching doors, I wouldn’t be at risk of losing my BTC. In the worst-case scenario, I would receive 0.1 BTC from the other door, the same value I already have behind the green door. If I already know what’s behind my door and the other two doors contain either the same value or a value ten times greater than mine, I would definitely choose to switch.

This problem is similar to the Monty Hall paradox, but there is an important difference in the decision-making process. In the paradox, the door revealed with its content is one of the two remaining doors that were not chosen by you. In other words, you still don’t know what’s behind your chosen door. With this uncertainty, we are “led” to believe that sticking with the initial door is the better option. However, the paradox statistically confirms that switching doors doubles the chances of obtaining the most valuable prize.

Therefore, it is more advantageous to switch doors to increase the chances of winning.

Challenge 2:
Our mystical planet of Alarian has a singular religion, and many of the beings who have inhabited it claimed to be children of Allain, our God. Throughout millennia of our history, numerous wizards and sorcerers were regarded as prophets, yet the existence of God, let alone one of His children, has never been proven. Nevertheless, thousands of faithful believers hold the conviction that God has sent His children to aid in the prosperity and peace of Alarian. Hence, I would confidently declare to the evil sorcerer, “I am a child of God, a child of Allain.”

Despite the sorcerer’s malevolence and lack of faith, he can never be certain of my nature, remaining incapable of uncovering the truth. Interestingly, this tale bears resemblance to those experienced throughout human history.

Challenge 3:
As a dedicated entrepreneur focused on the security of my business and my clients, I have a clear choice: to move forward exclusively with Bitcoin. Reinforcing this decision, my current bank, Blockonomics, operates solely with Bitcoin, allowing me to propel my online business.

However, I am also a trader who constantly seeks market opportunities. I cannot disregard other currencies, such as Bitcoin Cash, which is decentralized and derived from the underlying technology of Bitcoin. I am willing to embark on a testing model to understand if this alternative would be successful. If it proves to be successful, I am open to expanding my exposure to this currency and, perhaps, even exploring other coins available in the market over time.

Navigating the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, I am committed to the security and evolution of my business, staying vigilant for new opportunities while remaining loyal to Bitcoin, which has been my foundation thus far.

Wallet address: 1AtQqYBy4Lz9Ja2LPxvBqBKANtEKkrrs68

Challenge 1:
I would choose to switch my choice from Green to Blue. While the initial probability of the Blue door having 1 BTC is 1/3, after revealing that the Green door has 0.1 BTC, the probability changes. The remaining options are Blue and Red, and since the voice mentioned that one door has 1 BTC, there is a higher likelihood that the Blue door contains the 1 BTC. Therefore, switching my choice increases my chances of obtaining the 1 BTC.
Challenge 2: To maximize my chances of keeping my BTC, I would make the statement: “This statement is false.” This creates a paradox, as the statement cannot be simultaneously true and false. Therefore, the leader will not be able to determine the outcome and I would be able to keep my BTC.
Challenge 3:
Given that I value decentralization, security, and cost-effectiveness, I would choose to stick with accepting only Bitcoin. While expanding my market through altcoins may seem tempting, the risks associated with centralized control and reduced security outweigh the potential benefits. By sticking with Bitcoin, I can maintain the principles of decentralization and security that align with my business values. [3] Stick with Bitcoin


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