[Wordpress Plugin Update] Underpayments are no more a problem!

How to update
Upgrade to latest version 3.6 of your wordpress plugin

Customer frequently underpay while sending bitcoin to purchase a product
When sending say 0.01BTC from exchange, the exchange will deduct fee and the payment of only say 0.0095BTC is received. The customer thinks he has paid in correct amount 0.01BTC but exchange has taken a fee :imp: due to which order has got underpaid !

Solution - Multiple Payments
The plugin now supports multiple payments for same order.

Customer gets an email to pay remaining amount. Note that the existing payment has been applied as a discount coupon

Woocommerce admin view for underpaid order

Customer can even make the remaining payment can be made via other payment methods like Paypal, BCH, Stripe etc :money_with_wings:

Other options to handle underpayment
If the customer has sent just a few cents less it doesn’t make sense to ask him to pay again. Merchant can do any of the following:

  1. Manually accept the order via Wordpress admin
  2. Use underpayment slack option

    Configure to automatically accept small underpayments

How to enable/disable this behaviour