Payment companion for your wallet

Payment companion for your wallet

With the latest updates, Blockonomics wallet watcher now supports almost all functions of a bitcoin wallet, except for those that require…

Jul 23, 2016 • 2 min read

With the latest updates, Blockonomics wallet watcher now supports almost all functions of a bitcoin wallet, except for those that require access to private key. By adding your xpub (extended public key) into blockonomics, you can get a lot done without the need of opening your wallet. Any BIP32 compatible wallet like electrum,, trezor, mycelium are supported

  • Receiving payments/Invoices: Using xpub, blockonomics can generate new receiving address for accepting payments. Also you can generate invoice using this address in fiat currency and get paid in bitcoins. Exchange rate conversion is automatically taken care according to time of payment.
  • Accounting: Export feature allows to get out a history of transactions along with their amount/time. What is interesting is that if you have multiple wallets, you can exclude intra wallet transactions to only export external transactions.
  • Transaction history/notifications: A history of past transactions in list and graph format is provided. Email and browser push notifications on transaction confirmation are provided.
  • Accounts: By tagging addresses can be grouped under accounts. Cumulative balance/history of each account can be viewed separately.
  • Transaction fee wizard: Wallet watcher can suggest transaction fee for spending your bitcoins depending on priority. Transaction fee is calculated by taking input amount and then estimating size of transaction that has required txouts.
  • Blockexplorer/API: Instant search and vanity address search is provided along with API to automatically get address balance/tx and programmatically access wallet watcher.
Privacy and Security

Adding an address in wallet watcher doesn’t imply you own the address. Nor does multiple addresses in same account mean they belong to same user. You can read more in our article here. Also it is not required for you to signup/reveal your email address, you can use guest login. Revealing xpub though is a privacy risk, but it gives you much more flexibility than individually adding each address.

Since we never ask for private keys, your bitcoins are always safe as long as your secure your wallet. Our invoices are encrypted end to end and the server doesn’t know invoice details / any other personal information related to invoice.

Generating new receiving address using mycelium xpubInvoice in USD for payment using the new addressEmail notification of transactionExporting transaction history

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