Page generation after order placed

Good day,

I tried a test order. After I click “pay with bitcoin” the page that is generated is all garbled… this is a screen capture:

and if the page still exists… the url: Schillinger Art

Am I suppose to create a page that Woocommerce redirects to? What am I missing?

Now what’s interesting is after I complete the payment a proper payment received page pops up… it seems to only be the first page that states the amount of BTC and address to send to that is the problem.


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this seems like a issue with WooCommerce and not with Blockonomics itself.

if you click the link here Schillinger Art

seems like Woo commerce has created pages that aren’t integrating well with your theme and its missing all of the css work and such.

Hi @chris, I visited your store’s url that you shared and it looks like you’ve enabled lite mode in the plugin settings so your checkout looks better now.
Anyway, let me know what theme you are using on wordpress so we can look to figure out why the normal checkout is messed up the way it is right now and in future, work without lite mode enabled as well.

The theme I’m using that’s having the problem is “Avada” that I picked up from
Here’s a link to a screen capture of the result -

It would be great if the lite mode had a link or button that linked back to the /shop/ page or homepage.