New For Payment

Hello Blockonomics Team
Myself Akshay
Please Tell Me About Which Bitcoin Wallet For Payment Accept Your Blockonomics Pay.
Can You Accept Binance Pay?

Hi @Akshay247, We are a non-custodial bitcoin payment service. As a merchant, you can use any bitcoin wallet that can generate an xpub for you so that you link that wallet with out system. However, we recommend using electrum wallet.

As a customer, you can use any bitcoin wallet to send payment to generated bitcoin address.

Can I Use Binance Pay Or WazirX?
For Your Blockonomics Qr Code Payment!

As mentioned earlier, you need a bitcoin wallet which can generate xPub. While Binance Pay might not have a bitcoin wallet, you can use Binance’s Bitcoin wallet. I am not sure about WazirX. You might have to reach out to their support to ask if/how you can get xpub for your Bitcoin wallet.