Need help to make a paymentgateway to hostinger builder

Hi all

Im on Hostinger builder and that builder is magic but they are missing one important thing and that is a payment gateway for bitcoin. I love blockonomics and i realy want to give my clients this solution. is there anyone that can help me impliment blockonomics to the hostinger builder store.

Best regards


Thanks for the kind words. Really Appreciate :grinning:

Yes, unfortunately hostinger doesn’t provide bitcoin payment method nor does it provide API (so that we can write plugin for it).

There is an easy way to accept bitcoin via Blockonomics on hostinger right now :magic_wand: . Please do the following:

  1. Enable manual payment method
  2. Create bitcoin payment link via Blockonomics and add that in the manual payment method
  3. The process should be similar to shopify/blockonomics integration. Video here

Feel free to let us know if you have any further queries