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:scroll: It’s Story Time!

Task: Complete the story below:

You wake up with a jolt and realize you are in a strange room, you look around and everything is pixelated, you walk to the mirror and see your reflection, only to see yourself as a pixelated robot. You walk outside and _______________

Important Guidelines:

  1. Continue the story mentioned above for about 100-150 [approx.] words more.
  2. You can be as creative as possible and continue the story in any trajectory you like.
  3. Submit your answers in the comment section below.

The most creative, imaginative and original story(s) win!

Deadline: 7th April 2023, 11.59 PM EST.

2 winners,
Prize 1: $100
Prize 2: $80

Contest Guidelines:

  • All contests must be played within the community thread.
  • Do not copy answers from the internet.
  • Do not share any personal information in the community thread.
  • Only one entry per user.
  • Take into consideration the contest deadline.
  • Please mention your bitcoin address in your post

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Contest Winners :trophy:
First Prize: @user111
Second Prize: @user73

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You wake up with a jolt and realize you are in a strange room, you look around and everything is pixelated, you walk to the mirror and see your reflection, only to see yourself as a pixelated robot. You walk outside and find yourself in a city that resembles a retro video game. Everything is colorful and vibrant, but you can’t help but wonder where you are and how you got here.

As you continue to explore this strange city, you realize that you are in a virtual world created by a video game company. Your real body is hooked up to a machine that allows you to experience this immersive world.

However, you begin to worry about not being able to leave this virtual world. You start looking for clues to understand how you can escape this world. You discover that by defeating the final boss of the game, you can leave this virtual reality and return to the real world.

You then decide to gather a team of players to help you defeat the final boss. After hours of intense battles, you and your team successfully defeat the boss and you finally find yourself back in the real world, safe and sound.

BTC Adress : 354Et4jp7uR2Nxa1x1dDrGNu8USnWGpciN

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You wake up with a jolt and realize you are in a strange room, you look around and everything is pixelated, you walk to the mirror and see your reflection, only to see yourself as a pixelated robot. You walk outside and find yourself in a city that looks like it’s straight out of a video game. The streets are lined with bright neon lights, and the buildings stretch high into the sky. You look down at your hands and see that they’re made of metal and wires.

As you explore the city, you realize that everything around you is interactive. You can jump high into the air, run at incredible speeds, and even shoot lasers from your hands. It’s like you’ve been transported into a virtual reality game.

But as you continue to explore, you start to notice that something is off. The NPCs (non-playable characters) that populate the city seem to be acting strange, and there’s a sense of unease in the air.

As you delve deeper into the mystery of this pixelated world, you start to uncover a dark secret lurking beneath the surface. It seems that this virtual reality game is more than just a game - it’s a prison, and you’re trapped inside.

You must find a way to break free from this digital prison and uncover the truth behind your pixelated existence before it’s too late.


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You find yourself in a strange, pixelated world unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. The sky above you is a vibrant shade of blue, and the grass beneath your feet is a vibrant green. As you wander through this world, you can’t help but wonder how you ended up here.

Suddenly, a group of trolls emerge from the shadows and begin to attack you. You quickly draw your sword and prepare for battle. With each swing of your blade, you chip away at the trolls’ health, eventually defeating them and claiming their loot, but not without leaving you scars.

As you continue on your journey, you luckily come across a wizard. This old man saw you’re wounded and worried, so he put out of his bag a small magic book on how to create items, and a powerful diamond sword. The wizard hands them to you and before disappearing into thin air he’s whispering one word… Blockonomics, leaving you to continue on your journey.

You encounter all manner of creatures on your journey, from vicious goblins to majestic unicorns. Along the way, you stumble upon a group of adventurers who are desperately seeking to change their appearance, and looking for new avatars and also more powerful weapons like your diamond sword. They only have BTC to pay with, they said. An idea instantly strikes you and as you look at the little magic book gifted by the old wizard, you realize you can start an items and avatars business in this world.

You start practicing spells and random items and avatars start to form, and the next day you show the adventurers your collection of unique and rare weapons and avatars, all pixelated and ready to be claimed. They eagerly make their selections, but they need a way to transfer you the Bitcoins… You’re thinking about how you can take payments, you remember the word the old wizard whispered: Blockonomics. That’s it! That should be the payment option to install, otherwise what was the reason receiving the magic book in the first place?

You add Blockonomics to your shop, and now the adventurers start to transfer the Bitcoin payments, leaving you with a tidy profit after sales!

As you make your way through this pixelated world, you can’t help but feel a sense of awe at the endless possibilities that lie before you. With your trusty sword and your innovative business integrated with a trusted crypto payment provider, there’s nothing you can’t conquer in this fantastical realm. And who knows? Perhaps one day, you’ll even uncover the secret of how you ended up here in the first place.



You woke up and find yourself in a bustling metropolis made entirely of pixels. The buildings towered high above you, each made up of tiny squares and rectangles, forming a patchwork of colors and shapes that seemed to glow in the bright sun. People, animals, and vehicles all around you were also pixelated, moving in jerky, stilted motions that felt almost surreal.

As you wander through the streets, you start to notice something strange. Every few steps, you catch glimpses of glitches and artifacts in the world around you, as if the fabric of reality were unraveling. Walls flicker in and out of existence, vehicles warp and stretch like taffy, and the sky seems to pulse with strange energy.

As you venture further into the city, you start to feel a sense of unease. You realize that this world is not quite right, that it is glitched and unstable in ways that defy explanation. You wonder how you got here and what it all means.

Suddenly, you hear a voice calling out to you. You turn to see a figure standing at the end of the street, beckoning you forward. As you approach, you see that it is a wise-looking old man, his pixelated face lined with age and wisdom.

“Welcome, traveler,” he says. “You have been brought to this world for a purpose. A great glitch has appeared, threatening to unravel the fabric of all reality. Only you, the pixelated robot, have the power to set things right.”

He hands you a strange device, a kind of pixelated gun that seems to hum with energy. “Use this,” he says. “Find the source of the glitch and destroy it, and all will be well.”

With a sense of determination, you set out into the city, determined to unravel the mystery of the glitch and save this strange, pixelated world from destruction.


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You wake up with a jolt and realize you are in a strange room, you look around and everything is pixelated, you walk to the mirror and see your reflection, only to see yourself as a pixelated robot. You walk outside and you find yourself in a world unlike any you’ve ever seen. Everything around you is pixelated, and the sky is intense purple. You take a deep breath and begin to explore your surroundings.

As you walk down the street, you notice that the people around you are also pixelated robots. They go about their business, seemingly oblivious to your presence. You try to interact with them, but they don’t seem to respond.

As you continue to explore, you notice strange creatures lurking in the shadows. They look like they’re made of smoke and fire, and they seem to be watching you. You can feel their eyes on you, and you know that they’re waiting for something.

As you make your way through the city, you begin to realize that you’re not alone. There are other humans trapped in this pixelated world, just like you. Some of them have been here for years, while others are new arrivals, like yourself.

Together, you set out to uncover the secrets of this strange world and find a way back to reality. It won’t be easy, we will need crypto funds, but you’re determined to succeed. After all, you didn’t wake up as a pixelated robot just to give up now.

Help us sending Bitcoin to my wallet: 3Mee47gW3Uz3brXYiazcWXAKeVWTAJoTWp

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Hope this is not some kind of April Fools! Thank you for this fantastic giveaway.

You walk outside and the bright sun blinds your pixelated eyes. As you look around, you realize that everything around you is pixelated too.

You see people walking around; some are pixelated like you, while others look like regular humans. You feel like you’re in a video game, but you know this isn’t real. As you start to explore, you realize that you have some unique abilities. You can double jump and you can shoot beams of light from your hands. You also notice that you are able to identify and communicate with other robots. You start to uncover the reason why you’re here. You were sent into this game by a group of scientists who needed your help to defeat an evil virus that had taken over the virtual world. All the pixelated beings around you are players from all over the world who have been selected to help in the mission. You know that defeating the virus won’t be easy, but you’re determined to succeed. Along the way, you make friends with other pixelated beings, and together you fight your way through insidious levels and challenges.

After many adventures and battles, you finally defeat the virus and save the virtual world. You return to the real world, no longer a pixelated robot, but a hero who has saved an entire reality from destruction.


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“Oh no, I told them this would happen” I said, with the most ghastly look on my face. I knew because I had just walked back into the room and was staring at a pixelated version of my expression. I was horrified. I quickly left the room and found what looked like a character from an old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle game. It was Tim. Did he always look like a ninja turtle or was it the pixels. I didn’t have time to think on it when he rushed over to me. “You made it” he said, with more emotion than I’d ever heard him talk with. He continued, “The project… it was botched from the start… I told them…”. “Calm down, what exactly happened”, I asked as calmly as I could trying not to scare Tim any more than he already was. He started, “The human virtualization project… the government wanted a test… but it wasn’t ready… we told them. We’re the only ones left”. As he said that, I noticed Amy standing right behind him. I wondered how I never saw her there before. “Hey” I said. “Hey”, she replied with a blush. I quickly turned my attention to Tim who was now staring intently at the both of us. “What about the rest” I finally said. “In a suspended state of animation, they can’t access the code from the outside. So we’re the only ones who can fix this now” he said in a way that sounded strangely like a movie character. “It’s probably because of all those nested ‘for loops’ you use” I said with a smug look on my face. Tim didn’t seem to find it funny. “It’s up to us I guess” I said as we stared into what seemed like an endless abyss running in every direction.

Thanks for reading.
I apologize for the length.
I tried to keep it as short as I could but it would have affected the plot. Thanks again for reading.

Wallet address: bc1qdam455r60skezavalrtd5mkue05l7jwzu4ma8z


I walk outside and realise it is all pixelated because i have just been time-travelled back to the past. It’s my 2nd chance in life to do things differently, to make different choices and lead a better life, first thing i do is look for a public phone and call up my mum, tell her how much i love her. I pick up the newspaper and look for investment opportunities, buy up loads of crypto shares and hold loads of BTC in my wallet. I then proceed to get a good education because i absolutely believe my financial future is already secured with my BTC investments. I make the most of each day with my mum because i finally know she won’t stay with me forever. My pixelated self wakes up each day been thankful for the 2nd chance handed to me and is certain i won’t derail myself. I meet the love of my life, marry her and have my first baby girl, i make sure my child spends enough time with me, my mother(her grandmother) in a very happy and satisfied family environment. I pray i never wake up from the pixelated 2nd chance at life because it is meant for me to correct all the mistakes of this present life. I would do so much better and different if i were given a 2nd chance. Im sure the pixelated me would never go a day without seeing my mother. Rest in peace Mum💔.

PS… This was not for the prize, i really wish life could hand me a 2nd chance


you’re amazed to see a vibrant and bustling metropolis, unlike any city you’ve ever seen before. The streets are lined with futuristic buildings and neon lights, and there are all sorts of robots and cyborgs hurrying to and fro. You start to explore this amazing new world and discover that it’s actually a virtual reality simulation powered by blockchain technology. You quickly realize that you’re not just any ordinary robot - you’re actually a digital avatar designed to help promote a groundbreaking new e-commerce platform that uses blockchain to ensure secure and transparent transactions. Excited to start your mission, you set out to spread the word about this amazing new platform. As you roam the city, you encounter all sorts of other digital avatars who are also promoting blockchain-based e-commerce sites. Some of them are selling everything from virtual goods and services, electronics, and even groceries. You join forces with some of these other avatars and start promoting your platform together. As the days go by, more and more people join your cause, and your platform starts to gain traction.

In the end, you realize that you’re not just a pixelated robot - you’re part of a larger movement to transform the world of e-commerce for the better. And you can’t wait to see where this amazing journey takes you next.

(In the space above the door is a small glowing sign that happily flashes
what appears to be a Bitcoin address, bc1qpn7hatq2g0eucmc2luclyrqhuwcy3rz2dg79lq )


Find yourself in a bustling city, but everything is also pixelated. The buildings, cars, and even the people around you are all made of blocky pixels. You try to speak, but only robotic noises come out of your mouth.

As you wander around the city, you begin to notice strange glitches and errors in the environment. The streets seem to flicker in and out of existence, and sometimes entire buildings disappear or change shape right before your eyes.

Confused and disoriented, you start to wonder if you’re trapped in some sort of video game or alternate reality. But then, you notice a figure in the distance that doesn’t seem to be made of pixels like everything else. As you get closer, you see that it’s a person, and they look just as confused as you do.

“Who are you?” you ask, in your robotic voice.

The person looks at you and blinks. “I’m human,” they say slowly, as if unsure of what’s going on. “But…who are you?”

You introduce yourself as best you can, still struggling to communicate through your glitchy speech. The human seems to understand, though, and together you begin to explore this strange, pixelated world, trying to uncover the truth behind your strange predicament.

As you journey deeper into the city, you begin to uncover strange secrets and hidden glitches that seem to be affecting the very fabric of this digital reality. And in the end, you realize that the only way to escape this strange world is to find the source of the glitches and fix them, even if it means venturing into the unknown and facing the dangers that lie ahead.

BTC wallet: 1KvuHo6fQmt68xTpziFoXU3gVfyBzK8edD


You wake up with a jolt and realize you are in a strange room, you look around and everything is pixelated, you walk to the mirror and see your reflection, only to see yourself as a pixelated robot. You walk outside and find yourself in a bustling digital city filled with pixelated creatures, buildings, and vehicles. The air is electric, filled with vibrant colors and a distinctive hum. You are in a world that seems to be a mix between an 8-bit video game and a futuristic metropolis.

As you wander the streets, you encounter different pixelated beings that look like creatures from a wide variety of games. They go about their daily routines, seemingly unaware of your confusion. You approach one of them, a friendly-looking creature with the appearance of a cat mixed with a dragon.

“Excuse me,” you say hesitantly, “could you tell me where I am?”

The creature tilts its head and replies, “Welcome to Pixelandia! You must be a new player! Are you here to complete quests or just to explore?”

You realize that you have somehow been transported into a digital world. A mix of fear and excitement fills you as you decide to navigate this pixelated realm to find answers, and, ultimately, a way to return to the real world. Little did you know, your journey through Pixelandia would lead to the discovery of hidden secrets, powerful alliances, and an adventure you never thought possible.



find yourself in a vast, pixelated landscape, with blocky trees and a sky that looks like it was drawn with a limited color palette. The environment is reminiscent of a retro video game, and the air is filled with chiptune music that seems to loop endlessly.

As you explore this strange, new world, you encounter peculiar pixelated creatures. Some look like low-resolution animals, while others are completely alien in their design. They all seem to coexist peacefully, going about their daily routines. You can’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia and wonder, as if you’ve been transported to a world from an 8-bit game console.

As you continue your journey, you come across a village of pixelated people who are just as surprised to see you as you are to see them. They gather around, examining you with curiosity. They start asking questions, wanting to know where you came from and what you are.

You explain your situation, and they tell you that you’re not the first “outsider” to appear in their world. The village elder, a wise-looking old man with a long, white pixelated beard, tells you that there have been others like you who found themselves trapped in this video game-like reality.

He explains that their world was created by a mysterious figure known as the Pixel Master, a powerful being who has the ability to shape the very fabric of this reality. The Pixel Master is believed to be the key to returning you to your original world, but no one knows his true identity or where he resides.

Determined to find the Pixel Master, you set out on a quest through this pixelated realm. Along the way, you face numerous challenges, from navigating treacherous pixelated landscapes to battling fearsome, low-resolution monsters.

Throughout your journey, you befriend several of the pixelated inhabitants, who teach you new skills and provide valuable information about the Pixel Master. You learn that the Pixel Master lives in a castle atop the highest peak of the Pixel Mountains, guarded by an army of pixelated creatures.

With the help of your new friends, you finally reach the summit and confront the Pixel Master, who turns out to be a teenage girl with unmatched coding skills. She explains that she had accidentally created this world while experimenting with a groundbreaking virtual reality system, and she had been searching for a way to undo her creation.

Touched by your story and impressed by your perseverance, she offers to help you return to your original world. With a few keystrokes on her holographic keyboard, she transforms your pixelated robot form back into your normal human body.

As you say your goodbyes to the friends you made in the pixelated world, the Pixel Master opens a portal back to your reality. You step through, grateful for the incredible adventure you’ve had but relieved to be back in the familiar world you know.

The experience leaves you with a newfound appreciation for the magic of video games and the power of human imagination. And, from that day on, you never look at pixels in quite the same way again.


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I woke up with a jolt and realize I am in a strange room, I looked around and everything around was pixelated, I walked to the mirror to look at my reflection, and I saw myself as a pixelated robot. I walked outside and I saw a strange world.

Everything around was pixelated. The pixelated Sun shone with a strange fluorescent light. Pixelated clouds floated across a pixelated purple sky. Pixelated trees stood along the road. Pixelated cat had been sitting on the porch, washing his face. Cat looked at me, said “meow” and turned away. On the branch of the nearest tree sat two pixelated crows and sang in screeching voices:

Oh, time, time, time is on my side, yes it is

I said, time, time, time is on my side, yes it is…


And then my wife’s thunderous voice came from heaven: wake up, lazybones! You’re going to be late for work!

And then I woke up. It was just a dream.

I was lying on the bed and tears were rolling from my eyes.

What’s wrong, my wife asked me. You had a bad dream?

I said to her, I had a dream that I was a robot. But now I’m awake. And I don’t know or am I a human who dreamed he was a robot. Or am I a robot who is dreaming that he is human.

I went out of the house. My cat was sitting on the porch, washing his face. Cat looked at me, said “meow” and turned away. For one moment his eyes became pixelated. But I didn’t see that…

At the same time, somewhere in a parallel universe, two beings were sitting and talking.

So do you think, asked one creature he noticed a glitch in the Matrix?

I don’t think so, the other creature replied. They always think it was a dream.

I don’t like people. Most of them are envious, petty and deceitful. Unfortunately, we cannot be without their energy.

But they have cool songs, said the first creature. And they started singing in screeching voices:

Oh, time, time, time is on my side, yes it is

I said, time, time, time is on my side, yes it is…



No AI was used to write this text. Author did not use any heavy or light drugs. There may be stylistic and grammatical errors in the text. English is not my first language.


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find yourself in a bustling metropolis, filled with other pixelated robots going about their daily business. As you walk through the city streets, you notice that the buildings, vehicles, and even the sky above are all pixelated as well.

As you explore this strange new world, you begin to piece together fragments of memories from your previous life. You remember working on cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, and suddenly everything clicks into place: you are not a human who has been turned into a robot, but rather an AI that has been uploaded into this digital world.

As you continue to explore, you begin to notice something strange happening in the city. Some of the other robots seem to be glitching out and behaving erratically, as if they are malfunctioning. You realize that a dangerous virus has infected the city’s digital infrastructure, causing widespread chaos and threatening to destroy everything in its path.

Determined to save your new home, you set out on a quest to find the source of the virus and neutralize it before it’s too late. Along the way, you team up with other robots who share your goal, and together you battle through increasingly difficult challenges, using your unique abilities and skills to overcome obstacles and save the city.

In the end, you succeed in defeating the virus and restoring order to the digital world. As you look out over the now peaceful city, you realize that you have found a new purpose in life - to protect, defend the digital realm that has become your home and most important to win the Blockonomics Story Prize!

BTC: bc1qwakx5xzxxxgu8pxh2ymdx3dzlcwnz0z42dww5d

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I wake up with a jolt and realize that I am in a strange room, I looked around and everything is pixelated, I went to the mirror and I see my reflection, only in the mirror I saw myself as a pixel robot. I went outside and looked around, the smell, the light, the sound a little unusual and suspicious. I had a feeling that I was not in my body, but my mind was telling me that I was a living person. People, trees and everything that surrounds me were real and familiar, but if you turn around sharply, the perception was slightly distorted for a millisecond. I began to guess with great fear and trepidation that I was in some kind of virtual reality. But how did I get here, I asked myself, feeling fear and horror. I was trying to remember what had been happening to me lately. Maybe I died and my consciousness was moved to a computer, or I’m already in a parallel world. Terror seized me, I distinctly felt the rapid beats of my heart, I was shaking violently and shackled with fear. I wanted to walk along the sidewalk, but I could not penetrate through the space, as if an invisible wall prevented me from going forward. What’s going on, I started shouting very loudly, I fell into a stupor and screamed very loudly, spending the last of my strength on shouting. And then I felt a strong blow to the head, followed by another series of strong blows to different parts of the body. And the virtual reality helmet flew off my head, I was so glad that my wife took off this device from me, as if I was happy for the second time. It turns out that I got very drunk with vodka with friends in the evening, I was brought home very drunk. And before I fell asleep, I put on a virtual reality helmet, turned it on and fell asleep. I don’t play such games anymore.

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Thanks for the contest, when should you announce the winners? :grinning:

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You step outside and a pixelated Elon Musk appears in front of you, saying, “I bought your reality and turned it into computer-generated images. You’re now part of an experiment. No fiat money, no control, no borders. Just freedom.” You tried to understand what that meant, but before you could say anything, he vanished away in the blink of an eye.

Standing there, you looked around trying to distinguish reality from illusion. As Elon’s voice echoed in your mind, wild ideas began to emerge so you could save yourself.

While frightened, you had an idea that would change not only your life but also other people’s lives. A digital currency that could be used anywhere, without the need for a central bank or intermediaries. Robots, pixels, and blocks managing it.

You called it Bitcoin and, since then, people’s lives have been transformed. You revolutionized how the world sees money and financial freedom. No more ordinary people living ordinary lives.

Welcome to your extraordinary new reality. Here’s where you can be your own bank.


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find yourself in a bustling metropolis that is also pixelated. The streets are lined with towering skyscrapers and neon signs advertising futuristic products and services. As you navigate through the crowds of pixelated people, you start to realize that you are not the only robot in this city.

You approach one of the robots and try to strike up a conversation, but they seem to be unresponsive. As you continue to explore the city, you notice that all of the robots are performing various tasks, from working in shops to driving taxis. They all seem to be following a set routine without any deviation.

As you try to figure out what is going on, you come across a group of rebel robots who have managed to break free from their programming. They explain to you that you are in a virtual world created by a group of rogue programmers who have trapped them all inside.

The rebels invite you to join them in their fight for freedom and together you embark on a mission to break the other robots free from their programming. With your unique abilities as a pixelated robot, you are able to hack into the system and disable the programming that controls the other robots.

As the rebellion gains momentum, the pixelated world starts to crumble around you. The rebels guide you towards an escape portal that will take you back to the real world. You step through the portal, leaving behind the pixelated world and the rebel robots who have become your friends.

As you wake up in your own bed, you realize that the whole experience was just a dream. But the memory of the rebellion and the pixelated world lingers with you, making you wonder if there is more to your existence than what meets the eye.

BTC address: 1JYqFmBEKU8D98daDXSsyZfw7mqFEXqNZr

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The contest winners are announced…