Implement Bitcoin off-chain lightning network to blockonomics

Bitcoin on-chain is too expensive and my users are no longer want to use Bitcoin because the transaction fees are too high.
I sell products for 10USD and the fees it cost the users to send BItcoin are around 8USD for a total of 18USD.

8USD for a transaction is insane for a product that cost 10USD. The transaction fees will get higher as Bitcoin gets more popular.

Therefore Bitcoin on-chain is too expensive and not even myself want to use Bitcoin.

But there is a solution. The Bitcoin lightning network.

So blockonomics needs to implement the Bitcoin lightning network. The Bitcoin lighting network is super cheap and faster.

I know BTC Pay Server already has an option. Just need to activate it.

Kraken and other exchanges are starting to implement the Bitcoin lightning network. I have used Bitcoin lightning network from electrum wallet to kraken exchange and it was super cheap and instant payments.

The Bitcoin lightning network is necessary as Bitcoins becomes used worldwide

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Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your insights and suggestions regarding the Bitcoin on-chain transaction fees. We understand your concerns about the cost implications for transactions, especially for products with lower price points. The scenario you’ve described, where the transaction fee significantly inflates the total cost to the user, is indeed challenging and not ideal for fostering wider adoption of Bitcoin for everyday transactions.

We are well aware of the issues surrounding Bitcoin transaction fees and are actively exploring various solutions. While we are experimenting and considering different technologies to address these concerns, we are not yet in a position to share specific details about our plans. However, please know that your feedback is incredibly valuable to us. It helps inform our priorities and the solutions we explore to improve our service.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work on finding the best way forward. Rest assured, we are committed to enhancing our platform and providing our users with the best possible experience.

Thanks for the feedback. We agree that BTC fee are getting higher :chart_with_upwards_trend: and it is unusable in high congestion :traffic_light: periods.
However, we believe lightning network is not the solution. Two major reasons:

For low fee we are exploring other solutions:

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