How to Get Bitcoin (BTC) Donations for your Not-For-Profit/Charity

How to Get Bitcoin (BTC) Donations for your Not-For-Profit/Charity

Bitcoin, often compared to as digital gold, has come a long way since its inception a little more than a decade ago. More businesses, and…

May 8, 2020 • 4 min read

Bitcoin, often compared to as digital gold, has come a long way since its inception a little more than a decade ago. More businesses, and even some governmental organizations, are opening up to cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin.

If you have been following the cryptocurrency space for some time you must be aware of the many benefits this new form of currency provides to its users — the biggest one being its decentralized nature making it resistant to manipulation and control by central authorities.

Plus, it can be transferred easily anywhere in the world at a minimal fee (miner’s fee) without waiting days for the funds to arrive.

Due to its many benefits, bitcoin has lately become a preferred choice for accepting donations. Many organizations have started to accept bitcoin and altcoin donations either exclusively or alongside traditional fiat currency.

About 12% of the top 100 American charities now accept bitcoin.

If you are looking to accept donations, bitcoin should definitely be one of the preferred choices. Let’s have a look at how you can accept bitcoin donations along with its many benefits.

Why Accept/Donate Bitcoin?

1. Easy integration/setup: Accepting donations in bitcoin is a seamless and easy process.

There is no need for bank accounts, complex KYC routines, and hefty bank fees while dealing with bitcoin.

You do not even require a website to accept bitcoin; there are plenty of payment options you can use which would allow you to accept bitcoin with or without a website.

More information can be found in the sections below.

2. Direct to Wallet: Depending on the service you use, bitcoin donations can be sent directly to the wallet of your choice as opposed to an escrow or a third party account.

So there are no chances of your funds getting frozen or delayed.

3. Transparent: All bitcoin transactions happen over the blockchain making the donations transparent and accountable.

How to Accept Bitcoin Donations

There are several options to accept bitcoin donations:

1. Donation Buttons: They are a quick and easy way to accept bitcoin donations on any website and is the most used method.

By clicking the donation button, your website will display a QR code, as well as a bitcoin address, where the payment needs to be made.

Some of the companies that you use to create a bitcoin donation button include:

2. Donation Links: These are simply links (URLs) that you can use to accept donations.

Just like regular links, these links can be shared easily anywhere online, even via text messaging.

Click here to know more about creating a donation link

3. Share Your Bitcoin Wallet Address: This is by far the most commonly used method to accept bitcoin donations.

Simple share the bitcoin address where you wish to receive the donations.
TailOS donation page

While this the most commonly used method is not necessarily the safest way to accept donations.

Sharing your bitcoin address allows any user to view all the transactions ever made to that address.

If you do not wish to divulge your transaction history, this is probably not the best method.


The Giving Block: One of the top sites that accepts crypto donations for a variety of charities/non-profits.

They are also accepting crypto donations for COVID-19.

UNICEF — New Zealand: A major governmental organization accepting crypto donations.

Human Rights Foundation: Yet another major organization that accepts crypto donations.

The Water Project: NGO operating in Sub-Saharan Africa providing reliable water projects to communities who suffer from a lack of access to clean water and proper sanitation.

They accept crypto donations for their water projects, plus, COVID-19.


Bitcoin’s borderless, transparent, decentralized aspects make it a perfect choice to give donations in.

With BTC and other altcoins growing popularity, more and more not-for-profits/NGOs/charities are opening up to it.

Plus, compared to traditional fiat currency, accepting crypto is much easier and hassle-free. You don’t have to worry about some centralized organization freezing or delaying your funds.

It is time to start accepting bitcoin donations now!

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