How Can Crypto Users Support Ukraine

How Can Crypto Users Support Ukraine

Last night Russia launched an unprecedented invasion of Ukraine. Following a long bombardment, Russian launched a Blitzkrieg to try to…

Feb 25, 2022 • 2 min read

Last night Russia launched an unprecedented invasion of Ukraine. Following a long bombardment, Russian launched a Blitzkrieg to try to conquer Ukraine and install a new government. The international support has been hugely in favor of Ukraine, including from the Crypto community.

Want to get involved to help Ukraine? Here are 3 things you can do to help Ukraine and Ukraine’s people survive the onslaught.

Use Crypto to Donate to Humanitarian Agencies

There will be a lot of Ukrainian refugees as people run to escape Russia’s military wrath. Bordering nations like Slovakia, Poland, and Romania have said they are ready for refugees but there will still need to be a lot of support. There are also charities that would help supply the Ukrainian soldiers, as well as charities to help provide medical supplies to Ukraine.

For example, there’s this list of charities put together by Ukrainian journalists. Many of these charities accept Cryptos including Bitcoin so you can donate directly from your wallet to these charities. That will help the situation on the ground in Ukraine and for refugees running to neighboring countries.

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Use Crypto to Donate to Ukrainian Journalism

The world needs to know what’s going on in Ukraine. By supporting local news organizations information can still stream through from the battlefields which will help understand what is going on there. You can donate to organizations like The Kiev Independent which are trying to get the word out.

The crypto community is large. We are powerful. Use that power to spread the word and shore up support for Ukraine. You can share among your followers the links above, and other ways to help support Ukraine and humanitarian efforts. You can also lobby your politicians to strike Russia where it will hurt most: its economy. You can help convince your political leaders to pass the harshest sanctions possible that will make Russia’s invasion very costly.

But and this is a very big but, verify your information. Don’t spread false information as that will just confuse things. Don’t know what is true and fake? Here’s an article that details how you can do it yourself:

Together we can all play a role in helping Ukraine. The crypto and Bitcoin community needs to band together. We all believe that we should stop government overreach, and the invasion of another sovereign country is the most basic and egregious form of government overreach. In order to spread the word of the benefits of crypto we have to stand together now and draw a line in the sand.

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