Fileshop [OpenSource] — Looking for Developers

Fileshop [OpenSource] — Looking for Developers

We are pleasure to announce the pilot version for fileshop . Fileshop helps sellers to sell files for bitcoin in a few clicks anonymously…

Jun 26, 2021 • 1 min read

We are pleased to announce the pilot version for Fileshop. Fileshop helps sellers to sell files for bitcoin in a few clicks anonymously. No information is asked either from the seller/buyer

Demo/Github URL Github Repo Bitcointalk thread

Project Goals

  • Provide a very simple website for sellers to be able to sell digital files and receive BTC/BCH anonymously.
  • Keep things bare minimal and nice UI. For complex features other websites like Rocketr, Selly are available
  • Open-source project so that anyone can launch their own digital good marketplace.
  • The owner of the website can earn revenue by charging commissions from sellers during withdrawal.
  • Various features/enhancements can be added by any developer to differentiate their marketplace

Calling Developers We are looking for developers to contribute to the open-source project and take it forward [FileShop]. As mentioned, the project itself should be self-sustaining in the future, as commissions from the sellers should give revenue. For the initial push, we have allotted a fund of 1000USD in BTC. This fund will be donated to developers with substantial/high-quality Pull Requests to the repo as per the discretion of blockonomics team.

If you are an existing developer who has used blockonomics before / has some experience with crypto projects, this is a great opportunity to use your skills and earn some extra BTC ! Feel free to contribute / get back to us

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