[Easy Digital Downloads Plugin Update] v1.4 - New Features

How to update
Update to version 1.4 or higher from your WordPress Dashboard

New Features
We’re thrilled to introduce some fantastic new enhancements to our Easy Digital Download plugin that will elevate your bitcoin payment experience. Our latest update includes the following new features:

  1. Underpayment Slack
  • Are you tired of orders failing due to small underpayments? We’ve got you covered! Our new Underpayment Slack option allows you to mark orders as paid even when they fall slightly short of the expected payment amount.
  • Imagine a scenario where your customers pay directly from a cryptocurrency exchange. They may intend to send 0.01 BTC, but after the exchange deducts a fee, you receive only 0.00095 BTC. No worries! With Underpayment Slack, this won’t be a problem anymore.
  • To activate this feature, simply navigate to Downloads > Settings > Payments > Blockonomics > Advanced Settings and enable Underpayment Slack. Say goodbye to unnecessary order failures!
  1. Currency Rate Margin
  • Cryptocurrency markets can be highly unpredictable, with exchange rates varying across different platforms :chart_with_upwards_trend:. To shield your transactions from these fluctuations, we’re introducing the Currency Rate Margin option.
  • This feature empowers you to adjust the BTC exchange rate by a small percentage, ensuring you always receive the right amount, regardless of market volatility.
  • To activate Currency Rate Margin, go to Downloads > Settings > Payments > Blockonomics > Advanced Settings . Your financial security is now within your control!
  1. Improved Payment Interface
  • We understand the importance of a user-friendly payment experience. That’s why we’ve revamped our payment interface with a fresh and simplified design.
  • Our new interface not only makes payments more accessible but also seamlessly integrates with your existing Wordpress theme. Your customers will love the modern, sleek look.
  • Experience the enhanced user interface by updating to version 1.4 or higher directly from your WordPress Dashboard.

Don’t miss out on these incredible enhancements that are designed to streamline your payments and offer greater flexibility. Update to version 1.4 or higher today and explore these features from your WordPress Dashboard.

Stay tuned for more innovations!