Design issues with checkout page (button not centered, text in transparent menu)


I am moving from Elementor to Gutemberg for my website and for Blockonomics pages, there are design issues. For the first page, the buttons for choosing between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are not centered and they are partially hidden under the transparent menu. For the second page with the bitcoin address, the text is centered but again going in the middle of the transparent menu. I have tried to modify the crypto page in gutemberg (like centering the text or changing for this page only to a non transparent menu but that did not change anything). I have also tried to use custom CSS (as suggested on this page: Customizing/Branding checkout page appreance : Blockonomics
That did not work either. I would be grateful if you could help me. Thanks

Hi @user40, we’d love to help you. Can you share the url for your wordpress store. Thanks