December Weekly Contest 🏆 - [Contest 3]

Welcome Fellow Community Members to our December Weekly Contest, your one-stop place for you to win exciting prizes each week through the month of December. :tada:

We will be posting a total of 3 contests. After each contest, we will be announcing the winner(s).

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:trophy: Contest 3: Meme

Task: Caption this meme [click here for an example]

The most creative, funny, and original answer(s) win!

Deadline: 31th December 2022, 11.59 PM EST.

2 winners, each winner gets $100


100 USD (in BTC sent)

100 USD in BTC Sent

Contest Guidelines:

  • All contests must be played within the community thread.
  • Do not copy answers of the internet
  • Do not share any personal information in the community thread.
  • Only one entry per user.
  • Take into consideration the contest deadline.
  • Please mention your bitcoin address in your post

I didn’t do it tho.
Just saying >…<
Screenshot 2022-12-25 205700


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When companies go from hating to adding crypto to their portfolio

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Thinking about something or Crypto Currency.

Me struggling to implement Bitcoin check out button manually in PHP meanwhile BLOCKONOMICS has a Bitcoin checkout button already. I just had to import it and use rather wasting time.
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Thanks everyone for participating. Awesome entries and quite fun.

Congrats to @user70 and @user90 for winning !