December Weekly Contest πŸ† - [Contest 1]

Welcome Fellow Community Members to our December Weekly Contest, your one-stop place for you to win exciting prizes each week through the month of December. :tada:

We will be posting a total of 3 contests, one at the end of each week starting today. After each contest, we will be announcing the winner(s).

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** Update: Contest 1 is Live **

Contest Guidelines:

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  • Take into consideration the contest deadline.

Contest 1: $150

  • 1st place: $90
  • 2nd place: $60

Contest 2: $150

  • 1st place: $90
  • 2nd place: $60

Contest 3: $200 (2 winners, each winner gets $100)

Contest 1: You Guessed it

Question: How many transactions does Blockonomics handle daily?
Answer: 1149

The person with the closest guess wins!

Deadline: 17th December 2022, 11.59 PM EST.

First Prize

BTC Transaction Sent

Second Prize

BTC Transaction Receipt

About 360 transactions per day

It’s over 9,000! My scouter might be broken though

Around 4300 transactions/day as we speak.

About 2759 transactions per day

β‰ˆ 1800 transactions per day

78 transactions per day

450 transactions a day

I think it is 2500 transactions.

20.000 transactions per day

533 transactions per day

Around 2300 transactions per day.

about 10 000 transactions per day

5000 + Transaction Per day

Something around 200000 transactions per day

Something like 2800 transactions/day

I think that it is 1000 transacs per day

5000+ transactions every day

For me, it’s 5000-5500 transaction per day

+30,000 transactions per day