Blockonomics’s Useful Products

Blockonomics’s Useful Products

With our ICO launching next Sunday, it might be a good idea to get acquainted with our products already available. We currently have a…

Jun 27, 2018 • 3 min read

With our ICO launching next Sunday, it might be a good idea to get acquainted with our products already available. We currently have a number of loyal customers, with over 2000+ Merchants worldwide using our products. Here’s a run down of our currently offered products and services….

1.The Wallet Watcher:

If you have a number of wallets, or have just one but want to use an easy viewer, our Wallet Watcher offers one of the best services. You can get a public key to receive Bitcoin, view your wallet history, view pending transactions, and a variety of other things.

There is even a Transaction Fee Calculator to help you choose the best fees!

2. Peer to Peer Invoices

The Peer-to-Peer Invoice is easy to use and very secure

Our second main product is the peer-to-peer invoice creator. Blockonomics has an easy to use creation, and it is simple for users to send Bitcoin. Just simply enter in the wallet you want the Bitcoin sent to, the amount, and any extra info you need, and send the link via email!

Easy to create!

3. Blockexplorer:

Our Blockexplorer even allows you to look at multiple addresses!

The Blockexplorer is a great tool to check other wallets and transactions. Just simple plug in the wallet public key, or the transaction ID, and it will pull up all the information publicly available. You can even pull up multiple addresses in one search!

Wow! That’s one sleek transaction receipt!

4. The Directly to Wallet Merchant Service

Pay with Bitcoin is easy as 1–2–3!

Our main product is our Merchant Service. We make it easy for you to accept Bitcoin on your website. This makes it easy for ecommerce entrepreneurs to have quick, easy, and painless transactions. Maybe even drum up some business with the Bitcoin crowd!

Here’s our service in action with one of our loyal customers!

5. BTC Email

Now you can send Bitcoin via email easier than ever before!

Want to send Bitcoin to some one who doesn’t even have a wallet? Last but not least is BTC email which allows one to easily and securely send Bitcoin through email, even if the receiver doesn’t have a wallet yet! Works quick and easy.

Can’t wait for that Bitcoin!

There you have it! As you can see, we have a variety of already established products, and an already strong customer base. With the upcoming ICO, we hope to expand our products and services to make it easier and faster to send and receive Bitcoin and Altcoins.

Remember: The pre-sale starts July 1 and the main sale starts in August 1!

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