Bitcoin payment option listed on "Cart" page

Is there a way for me to indicate in the shopping cart page that we accept bitcoin payments? The option shows up when checking out, but customers wouldn’t know that we accept BTC until they get to the end. I would like their to be a button or something that goes along with the Paypal and Venmo buttons when in the shopping cart stage.

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Please let me know which integration (Woocommerce, WHMCS, OpenCart) you are using, in order for me to assist you as best possible.

In Woocommerce, a simple solution is to edit the Cart page from wp-admin > Pages > All Pages > Cart > Edit, and add a message or image to notify users Bitcoin payments are accepted.

it appears some gateways, such as easypayment plugin, offer this special feature to display their buttons on the Cart page. This feature is not present in Blockonomics and may take some time to be included in the Blockonomics plugin, as during the standard payment flow, Woocommerce validates and creates an order after the Checkout page. This feature requires including additional Woocommrce functionality of validating the order details and creating the Woocommerce order, into the Blockonomics plugin. I have opened a github issue for the Blockonomics engineering team to look into this for possible inclusion in the future: Pay with Bitcoin button on the Cart page · Issue #332 · blockonomics/woocommerce-plugin · GitHub