Bitcoin Payment Link - It’s, but for accepting BTC

Whether you are a large organization, a small business, or working solo, payments will always be part of your work.

Within the crypto world, the most common way to accept payments includes payment gateways used by businesses on their website, or bitcoin invoicing used by professional freelancers and contractors.

Yet, there is one method of payment which is often overlooked, and maybe the easiest way to accept payments: Bitcoin Payment Links.

Bitcoin payment links are simply links (URLs) that can be shared with anyone and anywhere online just like a regular URL. When a recipient makes a BTC payment through the link, the funds go straight to you.

Benefits of a Bitcoin Payment Link:

1. Easy to share — this is perhaps its biggest benefit.

Payment Links are incredibly easy to share, as easy as sharing a text message.

2. No need for a website: Unlike traditional payment gateways, payment links don’t require a dedicated website where they can be embedded and then used by the customers (although if you do have a website, you might want to use a payment gateway).

This makes it extremely easy for businesses/individuals who operate without a website to accept payments directly to their bitcoin wallet.

3. Not Technical: Payment links require no technical know-how whatsoever and are incredibly easy to create.

Payment links are as easy to create as filling out an online form.

However, using bitcoin payment links might require a basic understanding of using bitcoin wallets.

4. Safe and Secure: Bitcoin Payment Links display a QR code, the receiving bitcoin address, and provide transaction details to follow up for confirmation. Like any bitcoin transaction, it happens over the blockchain, making it a safe and secure option to receive payments.

Plus, depending on which service you use, you can also receive bitcoin directly to your wallet. So no need to worry about third-party services freezing or delaying your funds.

As a customer making the payment, one must be cautious to make payments only to reliable and trusted sources.

5. No need for a bank account: Bitcoin can be accepted by anyone and everyone around the globe. By using a bitcoin payment link, there’s virtually no need for a bank account.

And, you can accept payments from anywhere in the world without any hassle.

6. Low/No cost for implementation: Payment Links do not require you to pay a setup or operation fees.

Services such as Blockonomics, allow you to create a payment link without any costs or fees, and the bitcoin goes directly into your wallet.

7. Customizable: A payment link page can be customized to fit the description of your product or service. You can add as much or as little information as you want.


YouTube/Twitch Live Streamers: Live Streaming is becoming increasingly popular with many streaming services teaming with live user recordings.

Twitch, YouTube, Mixer are some of the largest and most popular platforms used by streamers around the globe.

As a live streamer, you can monetize in a number of ways, one of which includes accepting bitcoin donations.

You can simply generate a bitcoin payment link and add it to your YouTube/Twitch description or live chat to start accepting BTC.

Learn more about implementing payment links to your live stream channel

Individuals selling products/services: Plenty of individuals/businesses sell their products online without a website; the products are mostly shared on social media channels or via messaging to potential customers.

For such businesses, payment links are an ideal choice to accept payments, as just like their product, they can simply share the link for payments via text or on social media channels.

GitHub: GitHub is probably one of the most popular platforms used by software developers around the world to host and share their product developments.

Ideally, a developer can monetize their products by adding a “Donate with Bitcoin” link on their GitHub page.

Donations: For a lot of online content creators, collecting donations is a great way to monetize their work.

Similar to GitHub or a Live Streaming channels, donation links can be added to any project such as photography, graphic design, or eBooks.

For a lot of local charity groups without an online presence, payment links form a great way to collect donations for their cause.

Whether the communication happens via email or chat, payment links can be shared with a large number of potential donors easily.


Payment Links are an easy to implement payment method that comes with a host of benefits for its right user.

They are an undemanding payment method that requires no technical knowledge and can be used by a wide range of users. No need to set up complex payment gateways and linking bank accounts.

Ready to start? Learn how to create a bitcoin payment link now.

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