Bitcoin Payment Button — A quick way to accept BTC on any website

Bitcoin Payment Button — A quick way to accept BTC on any website

For any business looking to accept bitcoin through their website, perhaps the easiest way is using a Payment button that allows users to…

Dec 20, 2019 • 2 min read

For any business looking to accept bitcoin through their website, perhaps the easiest way is using a Payment button that allows users to pay with a click of a button, yet it is one of the most under-used methods to accept payment.

Payment Buttons can be integrated into any part of your website and do not require users to go through a lengthy checkout process. Whether it is to receive donations, selling your products or receive any form of payments, through its integration, you as a website owner can fast track your payments received and quickly increase your revenue.

What is a Bitcoin Payment Button?

Bitcoin Payment Button lets you accept bitcoin (BTC) on your website. It works just like a regular payment button with the only difference being that instead of fiat it accepts bitcoin.

The payment button (on clicking) displays a QR code as well as a bitcoin address where the payment needs to be made.

The entire checkout happens on the same webpage and users are never redirected to a new page adding an extra layer of security to the transaction.

Benefits of using a Bitcoin Payment Button:
  • No bitcoin technicals/API required: Bitcoin payment buttons can be easily integrated into the website without the need to learn the complexities of bitcoin and its API.
  • Easy Integration: Using a small code snippet a bitcoin payment button can be easily added to any part of your website.
  • Customizable: Most payment buttons can be customized to the theme of your website. You can add any color, size, text to the button to fit the look that you want.
  • No Security certificates needed: Traditional fiat payment methods almost always warrant users to get security certifications for payments, such as PCI DSS(Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) that ensure the security and data protection of the users. With bitcoin payment buttons no such certification is needed.

Several companies offer bitcoin payment buttons services, such as BTCPay server, Blockonomics, CoinGate, almost all of them offering similar functionality.

Although Blockonomics has a few extra features that make it stand out from the rest, some of which include:

  1. Automated Subscription Payments: You can get callbacks of new orders/payments. UserID of the customer making a payment can be programmatically passed to the payment button to automatically identify customer
  2. Sending Download Link on Payment: A Download link can be mailed automatically to the customer making the payment via bitcoin. Uses Blockonomics, Zapier, and Gmail. No coding required!
  3. Dynamic Price Button: A button with a dynamic price can be setup. On the checkout page, the total cart amount can be set as the price of the button. This way customer can easily pay the total checkout value in bitcoin.

Bitcoin Payment Buttons are a great way to start accepting BTC through your website. With simple integration and customizable options, merchants can make use of these buttons for a host of reasons.

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