Bitcoin Mempool - Looking for volunteers for User Interview / Focus Group

Blockonomics is exploring building a alternative tool to for non technical people. We are looking for people :people_holding_hands: to interview to understand their pain points. An ideal candidate would be

  • Non Technical / Semi Technical person
  • Has done lots of bitcoin transactions / payments
  • Has faced problem of the tx getting stuck in mempool
  • Decent english speaker

If you are interested please reply to this thread. Menttion in brief your asssociation with bitcoin and why you think you are a good candidate for this. Selected participants will get 50USD in bitcoin. Interview duration will be around 30min

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I would love to be interviewed.I am interested

Hi @enkuya1, Amrita here from Blockonomics. Glad to see your interest, would like to know time slots and days when you would be available for the 30 min interview. Also share your contact details.

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Am available now and am available as far as I have electricity and strong internet at the time. So I would say we can have the talk as far as you have the time too…
Edit: I have removed the phone number for privacy concerns

I would love to. You can contact me @:

Me too I would please

I’m not sure if you are still seeking interviewers or not, but I’m the epitome of what y’all are looking for!