[API Update] Changes in Merchant Orders and Payment Button/Payment URL/Widget hooks

We are updating our API to make it more easy to distinguish between what is a Product ID and what is an order ID :hammer_and_wrench:. These changes might require action on your part.

If you use Order Hook URL for your Payment Buttons / Payment URLs / Widgets or for programmatically generated Temp Products you will need to update your code.

We will change all references to orders in our API from uuid to order_id.

We have set a migration period of two weeks during which we will send both uuid and order_id in the hook callbacks to give time to prepare :calendar:

The migration period will end on February 19th. Afterwards only order_id is used.

The important changes

Order Hook URL

These are the callbacks sent to your server if you have set them up. Unique identifier will change from uuid to order_id. During the migration period we will send both uuid and order_id.

Old code:

During migration:

New code (after Feb 19th):

GET /api/merchant_order and GET /api/merchant_orders

Functionally calling these API points won’t change. The API documentation will reference order_id but your code won’t need changes.

GET /api/merchant_order/<order_id>
GET /api/merchant_orders?limit=<number>

The results from these calls use order_id instead of uuid.


As always the up to date documentation can be found from our website Blockchain API | Bitcoin API - Blockonomics.

Please let us know of any comments or concerns you may have. Thank you! :grinning:

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