Accepting bitcoins made easy

Accepting bitcoins made easy

We are pleased to announce blockonomics payment solution. Accepting bitcoins on your website is now as easy as opening an email account…

Oct 17, 2016 • 2 min read

We are pleased to announce blockonomics payment solution. Accepting bitcoins on your website is now as easy as opening an email account. The payments go directly into your own bitcoin wallet, no middlemen, no banking bureaucracy involved!

Quick link to resources:

  1. Merchant Setup / Wizard

2. Open source shopping cart website using blockonomics API (Github link)

3. API Documentation

Demo shopping cart using blockonomics API

Here is the list of features that we currently support:

  • Merchant Wizard: A merchant wizard guides you through the setup. The whole merchant setup has only three steps and starts off by verifying your xpub added into the wallet watcher.
Merchant Wizard
  • Instant API key generation: You can instantly generate API key from settings in wallet watcher. There is no need to wait for a week for approvals and chasing customer support for API key issues.
  • Merchant Admin UI: The merchant dashboard allows you to have overview of your account / callback url. You can also see logs of callbacks and generate test payments to debug what is happening.
Callback logs having http status and url path
  • Multiple sites: You can manage multiple merchant sites using a single email account. By assigning different xpub/callbacks to each site, you can view and and manage all logs / settings from your merchant dashboard.
  • Automated gap limit fillup: Most merchants face problem with BIP 44 gap limit because for pileup of unused addresses. This is now a thing of past. Blockonomics will use a stock wallet to automatically patch up gap limit whenever required. You just need to initially fund the stock wallet with small amount of BTC (around 0.001). No change in address generation/payment API is required.
  • Wallet watcher integration: All this is integrated with our wallet watcher, which means you get all the benefits of the wallet watcher which include email notifications, graph of historical transactions, ability to export transactions, tags and more ..
  • Manual invoices: Is you invoice underpaid, or you need to generate manual invoice for a one off case ? No problem, integration with wallet watcher means you can use our existing invoice feature to generate invoice from your account.

If you have any suggestions / require help with your setup feel free to mail us on Cheers for bitcommerce !

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