70% of Companies Accepting Crypto are Fully Remote

70% of Companies Accepting Crypto are Fully Remote

Companies that accept crypto are all technical? Or, crypto companies only operate on the dark web?

Aug 3, 2021 • 4 min read

Companies that accept crypto are all technical? Or, crypto companies only operate on the dark web?

These might be some of the stereotypes that you might have heard about the bitcoin-accepting companies. While crypto is still in a nascent stage of adoption, it is often subjected to a lot of speculations and assumptions often shrouded with a veil of mystery.

After all, are companies that deal with bitcoin and crypto [as payments or otherwise] any different from the rest.

We reached out to our merchants to understand some fundamental behavior and how it compares to the rest of the world.

Suffice to say there were some interesting finds…

Let’s just Google…

Email is perhaps one of the most basic forms of communication that every business owner uses. When asked about the email preferences, Gmail came out as the clear winner, with 58.8% of respondents using it as their preferred mail service provider.

Interestingly, no other service provider came close to Gmail, the next closest provider was Yahoo with a 7.8% share.

Question: What is your preferred Email Service Provider?

Comparing this to the global market share, the leader in the email client market remained the same with Gmail capturing 54.3% [among the top 10 email providers] of the market, a very similar share when compared to the respondent's data.

After which NetEase and Outlook took the 2nd and 3rd spot with 14.6% and 12.2% market share.

Yahoo which held the second spot amongst our respondents stands at the #5 spot with a 6.7% share.

[Source: statisticsanddata]

Another avenue where Google held the top spot is in the web browser sphere, with 62.7% of respondents choosing Chrome as their choice.

Question: Which web browser do you use?

This behavior is strikingly similar to the global standard where Google Chrome captures 65.13% of the total market share.

[Source: statcounter]

Where’s the Remote?

Although it has become a norm now but remote work was not very popular before the pandemic, in fact only 16% of companies operated in a fully remote setup as of 2018.

This changed drastically since the pandemic hit but as restrictions are easing companies are slowly starting to ease back to the office model offering hybrid work solutions or revamped office space to promote social distancing.

When asked about the office setup, 70.6% of respondents replied that their office setup is fully remote. This is a major shift from global trends where remote work has not really been that common.

Question: Is your company 100% remote?

No travel or not to travel…

With companies operating in a fully remote setup, the flexibility to travel and work from different locations is definitely a key benefit that many enjoy.

So, it comes as no surprise when 60.8% of the respondents travel 2 or more times per year, with almost 10% living a nomadic lifestyle.

Question: How often do you travel?

When looking at global data the highest travel frequency per year stands between 3 — 7, shared by merely 6.4% of the world population.

The wizard of OS…

The operating system market share has long been dominated by Microsoft with its Windows OS capturing almost 73% of the total market share, with macOS at 15.4% and Linux at 2.38%.

Of these three, Linux is said to have a niche with a majority of its user base being technical oriented, thanks to its open-source model, customization, and security.

[Source: statcounter]

When it comes to the Operating System used by our respondents, 56.9% picked Windows, while macOS stands at 29.4% and Linux at 5.9%.

Question: Which Operating System do you work with?

Although the trend is similar to global data, there is an increase in Linux and macOS users and a decrease in Windows users.


Companies that deal with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are essentially no different from any other company.

Our respondents' data shared the same trends as global data when it came to Email, web browser, and OS with Gmail, Chrome, and Windows taking the lead respectively.

When it comes to working setup and travel frequency, the respondents diverged from the global trends with occasional travel and remote work setup as the most preferred choice, showcasing a more flexible and travel-friendly behavior.

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