5 Ways to Send Bitcoin Via Text

Texting has become a popular way to communicate and connect. As a result, you might wonder if you can send Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through the same means. Check out these options.

1. Crypterium

Crypterium is the brand name of a cryptocurrency wallet and accompanying app. One of the perks of using it is that you can send various kinds of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, from a text message, even if the receiver doesn’t have their own wallet.

The app has an option to send digital assets by phone number. Choose it, then specify the amount to send. Within seconds, the recipient will get a link via text that helps them access the funds you transferred.

2. Coinapult

Coinapult is a site that facilitates buying, selling and receiving Bitcoins. Although not promoted on Coinapult’s homepage, an internal content page explains the process for sending Bitcoin to people via text message.

The first step involves setting up a Coinapult account, then linking your phone number. After, you send a text message containing the person’s phone number followed by a space and how much Bitcoin you want to send. You’ll receive a response asking you to confirm the amount to send.

3. DropBit

Considering that 98% of text messages get read within five minutes, it’s not surprising that many businesses use this method to communicate with customers and inform them of sales and special offers. Some services even offer verified text messages that include a business’s branding and logo in the body so that people know who it’s from.

DropBit promises it’s “like Venmo for Bitcoin,” and it allows sending Bitcoin to a person’s mobile number or Twitter handle. Another one of DropBit’s perks is that people do not need a prior understanding of cryptocurrency to use it. Anyone interested in using Bitcoin, whether in the business world or not, can use this app to ease into the idea of paying for things with cryptocurrency and not get overwhelmed.

4. Text My Bits

Text My Bits is a project that recently won at the Miami Bitcoin Hackathon. The team behind it understands that many people who want to use Bitcoin may be in areas that don’t have reliable internet access. Therefore, it built a service that uses the Rootstock smart contract platform, which connects to the Bitcoin blockchain.

People who want to use Text My Bits must go through a one-time phone registration at a field office, after which they receive a one-time password for authentication. In addition to sending Bitcoin via text, people use messaging to get information about their balances, a feature that could be useful if a person wants to verify they sent — or received — the correct amount.

5. CoinText

CoinText is slightly different than the other options here. You don’t need to download or use an app with the service, and there’s no need to set up an account. Plus, this service allows sending Bitcoin cash, which came about after a hard fork in the Bitcoin blockchain. While the cryptocurrencies are related, they’re not the same.

A person who receives cryptocurrency from CoinText does not need a wallet or app to access their funds. All you need to send Bitcoin cash is the desired recipient’s mobile number or their wallet address. The CoinText service recognizes both formats when you compose a message.

It’s Easy to Send Bitcoin With a Text

If you want a familiar way to send Bitcoin, try one of these five text-based services. Once you get started, you can send someone you know cryptocurrency in a matter of seconds.

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