BITCOIN transfer did not land in my account

hello, I received a bitcoin transfer on the 8th, and so far the bitcoin has not appeared in my wallet, what could have happened?

my bitcoin wallet : 3QjVchx22ijR3wGh7G8cqWr94TM8ZtXEFT

the transaction amount is 0.00356848 BTC

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Kindly inbox me on
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For more information on how to spot the issue

The transaction is confirmed, funds are present in the address, checkout - Bitcoin Transaction Receipt - Blockonomics

I have an issue here and need it sorted out please.

This transaction is payed for but my BTC has not landed it is day 2 of a very long time of getting this and it is driving me a bit mad.

I was supposed to receive this yesterday but there is nothing landing

Is anybody going to respond to this ever?

Hi @Stormsb51 Are you talking about the transaction mentioned by OP?

Blockonomics - Invoice 1

This is my transaction, it is fully payed and nothing to date has reflected in my account.

So it is day 4 already and no payment has been made.

And I do not understand, what is OP?


There is no futher response from you or payment, I would like to know what is being done?

Blockonomics is a service that provides tools for bitcoin tracking/invoicing. Anyone can use our p2p invoice facility to create invoice. We don’t hold or keep any funds. Please directly contact the merchant or person whom you are doing this transaction with