5 Cool Companies Accepting Bitcoin in 2021

5 Cool Companies Accepting Bitcoin in 2021

With Bitcoin growing ever more popular, more and more companies are jumping in on the craze, hoping to get in at the ground floor. There…

Mar 25, 2021 • 3 min read

With Bitcoin growing ever more popular, more and more companies are jumping in on the craze, hoping to get in at the ground floor. There are a lot of companies out there that accept Bitcoin, and that number will only grow, especially as payment companies like PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa are also joining in.

But in the meantime there are a lot of cool companies that are already accepting Bitcoin in 2021, here’s 5!

1. Tesla

Tesla and Elon Musk made a big splash with their announcements about Bitcoin just as 2021 was getting started. Tesla purchased a large amount of Bitcoin as part of their financial holdings, and has started to accept Bitcoin payments. It makes sense that the high tech car company would want to join in on Bitcoin. Bitcoin and Tesla both represent the future in their respective industries.

You can now buy your new Tesla cars in Bitcoin, letting you live the future of the world today. @WholeMarsBlog on Twitter recently grabbed a screenshot of what the Bitcoin checkout screen looks like:

Lookin’ Good!

2. Overstock

The Utah based company is one of the top internet retailers out there. Born out of selling used and left over stock from failed internet companies, Overstock has expanded its sales to include all kinds of items including furniture, bedding, and all kinds of stuff at low prices.

They have also been accepting Bitcoin since 2014. As one of the early adopters they’ve seen a lot of good will from the Bitcoin community. Unlike other earlier adopters, like Microsoft’s failed attempt in 2014 (although they are looking to come back), Overstock recognized how they needed to process and use that Bitcoin cash-flow. Rather than exchange it directly to fiat immediately, they held on to some of the Bitcoin.

Thanks to their vision, you can use Bitcoin on their website today:

3. IndieGala

Indiegala is one of the top video game stores on the internet. They hold sales often, and are famous for their great bundles. They are also one of the top video game stores that accept Bitcoin. It’s easy to buy your favorite PC games using Bitcoin thanks to their checkout screen:

Not only that, they started 2021 off right with a Crypto-only sale. As they detailed in their blog post, they held a sale on any games as long as you purchased them using cryptos, up to 30% off. And this was in addition to their regular sales they were hosting! I actually picked up a few DLCs for games I was missing. Good use of Bitcoin!

4. Dallas Mavericks

Big fan of basketball? You can purchase your Dallas Mavericks tickets and merchandise using Bitcoin. The team is a big supporter of Bitcoin and other innovations, thanks to their owner Mark Cuban. They are famous for having the longest streak of sold out games in North American major league sports, and many of those were tickets bought with Bitcoin. Their checkout screen makes it dang easy:

They also started 2021 off right, like IndieGala, by offering Bitcoin users a $25 gift card for purchases in Bitcoin about $150. Why wouldn’t you use Bitcoin?

5. AT&T

AT&T is the only major telecommunications company that accepts Bitcoin in the US. Since 2019 they’ve accepted Bitcoin for all their packages online. Pay for your TV and phone bills with Bitcoin? Yes please! Reddit user u/groovymash posted a screenshot recently of the checkout screen:

Come on T-Mobile, where’s your Bitcoin screen?

As you can see there are a lot of big name companies that are accepting Bitcoin. That list is only going to grow. 2021 is set to become a big year for Bitcoin as more and more companies are going to jump on the Bitcoin train. But in the mean time, support these companies for the smart decision they’ve made.

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